Surviving the thaw- tips for business customers

05 Mar 2018

Bournemouth Water Business is in close contact with the wholesaler and we are aware that everything possible is being done to restore supplies. It has been a challenging operation due to adverse weather and extreme conditions over the weekend.
Rapid freeze and thaw conditions can cause water pipes to fail which can cause serious problems such as a loss of water supply or leaks. Whilst some leaks will be clearly visible, others may go unnoticed and result in an increased bill some time after the problem has occurred. There are some quick checks that business customers should carry out to identify if there are any problems on their pipe network.
  1. Check your water meter and compare the reading to previous bills to check that it is in line with expectations.
  2. If possible, check if the meter is moving when no water is being used. This may need to be done as an overnight check. If there is a problem, the supply should be isolated at the internal stop tap, to determine which side of the tap it is on.
  3. Check if there have been any changes to on site pressure
  4. Check the level of any water storage tanks to see if there have been  any changes that could indicate a leak
  5. If you have a data logger, which provides detailed consumption information, check if flow rates have increased
Bournemouth Water Business Director Richard Stanbrook said: “We are aware that some of our retail customers have been affected by supply issues. We would like to reassure businesses that engineers from the wholesaler are continuing to work hard to make sure that supplies resume as soon as possible.”
If you need to report a burst main or leaking pipe outside your business, please call Bournemouth Water on 08005 878 979. If you have leaking water or frozen and burst pipes inside your business please call a local plumber. A list of approved contractors can be found on the WaterSafe website or by calling 0333 207 9030.