Open for business in the new water retail market

01 Apr 2017

From tomorrow (1 April 2017), up to 1.2 million businesses and other non-household customers across the country will be able to choose who they buy water and wastewater services from.

Wholesale services, providing water to premises and taking wastewater away, will be unaffected, but business customers will be able to choose who provides their retail service – as they do for electricity and gas.

Household customers are unaffected by these changes.

Local businesses don’t need to take any action. All accounts and any outstanding balances, queries or complaints will be automatically transferred on 1 April. Bills will continue to come from Bournemouth Water Business and will look the same.  Business customers will continue to be served by the same team and can expect the same high levels of service. 

Bournemouth Water Business is part of Pennon Water Services, the retail arm of two well-established and highly respected groups, Pennon, owner of South West Water and Viridor, and South Staffordshire, owner of South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water.

Currently serving 180,000 business customers from Cornwall to Scotland, we will continue to offer customers services that will help them save both time and money through lower prices and administration costs, water efficiency advice and other bespoke services.

Richard Stanbrook, Director of Pennon Water Services, said: ““We’re getting positive responses from customers to the services we offer. We’re talking to SMEs in particular – a customer group we feel is being largely forgotten by some of our competitors. SMEs form such a huge part of the economy so they are a group we’re keen to ensure benefits from the competitive market.

“We’ve always valued our customers, not by size, but by how important water is to their business. Our emphasis is on enabling our customers to use water efficiently and understanding that needs will differ from business to business.

“We have a strong presence in the water hygiene market, ensuring safety and compliance – a service which is so important to many of our tourism and leisure customers.  And we have launched new ‘Dual Service Plans’ to offer savings in both time and money to those customers who currently have to pay two bills to two providers.

“We also plan to work closely with our sister company Viridor to offer more holistic water and waste management services.”