Expert advice on water efficiency

16 Apr 2018

Many properties and businesses suffer from poor water pressure and flow. This can occur for various reasons such as when the water main is too small and can’t meet the demand or if there are leaking or blocked service pipes. Hilly ground and the height of buildings can also be a factor as can proximity to a property or business which has large peak water demands such as a holiday resort where many guests will take showers at roughly the same time in the morning or evening.

The Government’s guaranteed standards scheme (GSS) states that water companies should maintain a minimum water pressure in the communication pipe serving the premises of seven metres static head, (0.7 bar) which is often not enough to operate equipment properly. There is no legal requirement in respect of maximum supply pressure. Where the supply pressure exceeds the maximum working pressure of fittings it is the customer’s responsibility to install a suitable pressure reducing valve or to change the fittings for ones suitable for the existing supply pressure.

To safeguard against these sorts of issues, we can offer advice and can install booster pumps and holding tanks that will allow businesses to set the water pressure and flow required. These measures will also offer some contingency if there are interruptions to the water supply such as a burst main caused by extreme weather conditions. As an added bonus they can also help solve water supply problems as factories and businesses expand, helping to futureproof sites.

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